Chef’s Tips on the Best Matcha Fondue Dips

With the ever-increasing popularity of matcha-flavoured desserts, it comes as no surprise that this powdered green tea would make its way to a pot of fondue. Adding a touch of the east to a traditionally Swiss dish, matcha is rich in antioxidants and brings with it a host of health benefits. What is truly unique about this ingredient is its rich and aromatic flavour that leaves a sweet lingering aftertaste to the palate.

We speak to Bosch's in-house kitchen maestro, Chef Joseph Yeo, to get his except tips on the best dip-pairings for this celebrated dessert.

1. Red Bean Glutinous Rice Balls

A classic pairing, red bean and matcha are the perfect flavour blend of luscious, aromatic sweetness. The chewy red been glutinous rice balls coated in warm, creamy matcha chocolate is ideal for mochi lovers and fans of the traditional Chinese dessert-Tang Yuan.

2. Frozen Red Bean Ice-Cream (Cubes)

A less conventional dip of choice, frozen red bean ice-cream cubes are a particularly fun option for kids. Best enjoyed ice-cold, this is a great option for get-togethers to impress your guests, or birthday parties with children.

3. Chocolate Brownies & Marshmallows

Brownies make for the ultimate indulgence when paired with the matcha fondue's rich creaminess. The dense chocolate combined with matcha creates a tantalisingly unique flavour profile that is balanced and irresistible. Fans of marshmallows would also find this sweet edible cloud a great pairing with matcha as well. For best results, warm brownies and marshmallows before serving.

4. Strawberries

A traditional must-have for all sweet fondues, strawberries taste wonderful with matcha fondue. The slight acidity brings a contrast to the cloying richness of the fondue for a dipping option that is lighter in taste. Sweet, tart and creamy, strawberries are a great choice to pair with this indulgent dessert.

Foods to Avoid:

5. Pungent Fruits

Avoid fruits with strong smells, such as jackfruit and durian as their odour can overpower the milder-flavoured matcha. Instead, opt for light-scented fruits like rock melon to achieve a more harmonious balance.

6. Spicy Food

Though pairing chocolate with chilli might be a trending flavour profile, the same cannot be said about matcha fondue and spicy food. The piquancy and zing of the spices will overpower the calm, luscious serenity of the fondue’s velvety richness.

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