6 Reasons Why You Should Use the Bosch Unlimited Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner

From picking up small crumbs, to vacuuming upholstery, carpets and hard floors – there is a vacuum cleaner specialised for each task to make housekeeping easier.

This season, we introduce to you the Bosch Unlimited – a multi-use cordless handstick vacuum, and six reasons why it is a great addition to your home.

1. Enjoy Infinite Runtime

The trouble with most cordless vacuum cleaners, is that they often run out of power in the middle of your vacuum cleaning routine. With the Bosch Unlimited, you never have to worry about it running out of battery.

This handy cleaning appliance comes with a QuickCharger, and two interchangeable 3.0 Ah Bosch Power for ALL batteries. With just approximately 45 minutes of charging time using the QuickCharger, the Bosch Unlimited runs for 45 minutes on a single charge, with the motorised HighPower brush on normal mode.

What this means is that one battery can be charged while the other is in use – ensuring that your daily vacuuming can be done effortlessly, no matter the duration.

2. Quiet Operation

Whether you are doing some quick cleaning or your usual heavy vacuuming routine, the cordless Bosch Unlimited with its brushless motor technology provides silent yet powerful performance, giving you and your family peace of mind.

3. One Vacuum for All Your Cleaning Needs

Cleaning the home from floor to ceiling is now possible with the Bosch Unlimited – thanks to its light weight and extensive range of accessories. The detachable, motorised HighPower brush is perfect for cleaning hard floors and carpets. Use the upholstery brush or nozzle accessory to get curtains and sofas dust-free. Hard-to-reach spaces are easily cleaned with the flexible crevice tool, while cobwebs on ceilings can also be removed effortlessly – thanks to the clip-on hose. Last but not least, you can also use the Bosch Unlimited without any accessories for cleaning of small spots and car interiors.

4. High Performance

Besides having a near-perfect filtration rate capable of removing 99.9% of fine articles, dust and allergens, Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaners also have excellent airflow and dust pickup for superb cleaning performance. Cleaning carpets and hard floors will also be less of a chore, as the motorised HighPower brush accessory effectively picks up and removes dust and allergens with a rotary sweeping motion.

5. Fuss-Free Cleaning

Disposing all that dirt and dust after a heavy vacuuming session can be particularly troublesome. With the Unlimited’s Rotation Clean Filter, you never have to get your hands dirty again. This means no more filter washing and drying, and no hand contact with dirty filters as well. The shape of the brush roll in particular allows for fuss-free hair removal; it can be easily pulled out from the HighPower brush, so you can quickly snip off caught hair with a pair of scissors.

6. Intelligent Design

Say goodbye to bulky, unsightly appliances in plain sight at home. For convenient and tidy storage, the sleek Bosch Unlimited can be attached to its docking station on the wall, adding to the stylish aesthetic of your home.

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