6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dryer

Having a dryer at home provides great benefits when it comes to having your laundry done. A daily housekeeping task, air-drying fresh laundry not only takes time and effort; space and weather constraints are also what makes air-drying clothes a hassle. From individually pegging wet clothes onto the clothesline or pole, to waiting for them to air dry - your clean laundry is also exposed to the elements and can trap dust and dirt found in the air.

With a dryer, enjoy the convenience of washing, drying and storing clean clothes into the wardrobe immediately for use - no matter the size of your laundry load. Here are six reasons why a dryer can aid in making your daily laundry routine feel easy breezy.

1. Save Precious Time and Effort

Having your clothes washed is only half the process of getting your laundry done. From hauling laundry bags to the washing machine to waiting for the wash program to end; the process of drying wet clothes on a pole or liner can take a day or more. With a dryer, you can wash and dry multiple laundry loads in a day and store them immediately in the closet.

2. Space is No Longer a Constraint

If limited space at home is an issue, a compact dryer would be the ideal household appliance to carry out the necessary laundry task. Say goodbye to unsightly clotheslines and clotheshorses at home, as dryers are compact and can be tidily stored in a corner of your kitchen while providing optimum drying performance.

In particular, the Cupboard Dry Program found in Bosch dryers gives you the convenience of storing clothes in your cupboard immediately after your wash and dry routine. With the dryer, you never have to worry about whether your previous batch of clothes have dried on the clothesline before washing your next load.

3. Quick Dry, No Matter the Weather

Air-drying laundry is often affected by wet weather or the monsoon season – it can take a couple more days to dry your laundry. Having your clothes dried on a pole or liner under the sun also exposes them to dust particles, smog and odours. Sun exposure may help in disinfecting laundry, but the ultraviolet rays may cause the colours of your clothes to fade.

With a dryer, you can eliminate the need to rely on good weather and speed up the drying process for crisp, fresh smelling laundry. Say goodbye to long waiting times, colour fade and odours, and hello to wearing your favourite ensemble whenever you want.

4. Fuss-Free Ironing

Not a fan of wrinkles or ironing? The Iron Dry program in Bosch dryers helps to retain some moisture in your clothes for optimum ironing results. In addition, you no longer have to fret over the menial task since the Easy Iron or Crease Guard option will significantly reduce the amount of creases on your clothes through frequent tumbling.

5. Wash Larger Items With Ease

It is essential to wash your upholsteries at home regularly as dust can accumulate with time. The dilemma with washing and drying these large items however, is that it can interfere with your daily laundry routine. Longer time and more space are needed to dry these upholstery pieces, in addition to your daily laundry items.

A dryer with the Duvet Program can get your curtains and upholstery to dry quickly, while the Towel Program will ensure your stockpile of fluffy towels are readily available for use whenever required. With this useful home appliance, enjoy clean, fresh smelling sheets without the hassle.

6. Have Your Travel Wear Smelling Fresh in a Jiffy

Washing winter wear before a trip to a cold climate can be a troublesome affair as it takes a significant amount of time to wash and dry winter coats. With a dryer, simply load it with your damp jackets and within a short period you'll have a set of warm, cozy apparels all set to travel with. Winter clothes in particular can be dried quickly - use the Wool Program for laundry with wool fabrics, and the Down program for all your down coats. Here are our recommendations for travel - friendly fabrics.

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