5 Fabulous Ways to Use Your Kitchen Machine

For the home chef who loves experimenting with trendy new dishes, but doesn’t want to clutter up their kitchen with a whole roster of appliances - the is the helper you’ve been looking for.

Whether you’re cooking hearty for the family or fancy for guests, this one kitchen appliance – armed with its options – will help you execute any culinary vision. Here are five fabulous ways to use your versatile, multi-tasking kitchen machine.

1. Use the Beating Whisk for Super Fluffy Pancakes

Recommended Accessory: Beating whisk

Enjoy brunch in the comfort of your home! The secret to is to whisk the egg whites separately from the egg yolks with the beating whisk. Whisk with sugar and salt until you get stiff peaks, before gently folding them into the rest of the batter for light-as-air pancakes. Combined with our 3D Planetary Mixing technology, you can be assured that the batter is mixed evenly, and thoroughly.

2. Enjoy Smoothies On-The-Go with the ToGo Blender Cup

Recommended Accessory: ToGo Blender Cup

For busy workday mornings when time is of short supply, our ToGo blender cup allows you to enjoy your favourite on-the-go. Simply blend your favourite ingredients and have it on the way to work, or at the office before you kickstart the day.

3.Make Hearty Soups with the Glass Blender

Recommended Accessory: Glass Blender

Enjoy the comfort of savoury, heart-warming soups easily with the glass blender accessory. Our thick-walled ThermoSafe glass blender has a large 2.3-litre capacity and is perfectly safe for blending hot soups and ice cold smoothies!

4. Savour Perfect Pastas with the Pasta Attachment

Recommended Accessory: Pasta Attachment

Having fresh pasta from the comfort of your home is no longer a hassle. From rich lasagnes to scrumptious farfelle, simply use the pasta attachment to easily roll out flat sheets of dough, or evenly-cut strands of tagliatelle. Our recipe for is the perfect dish to put your kitchen machine and pasta attachments to good use.

5. Create Luscious Desserts with the Flexi Stirring Whisk

Recommended Accessory: Flexi stirring whisk

Delicious sweet treats, like our recipe for can be easily made with the soft spatula-like flexi stirring whisk.It helps to produce an even consistency for the filling to create an irresistibly creamy texture.

Another great feature to highlight is the kitchen machine’s integrated scales. It doubles up as a digital kitchen scale to make accurate measurements — a big plus where precision can make a world of difference when it comes to baking.

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